Our Services


Our high quality hosting is priced at £9.00 a month and we generally don’t have any limits. Our hosting at this price is enjoyed by 98% of our customers. If you know you have excessive bandwidth or storage requirements then call us for a competitive quote and we’ll be happy to advise. Our focus is on service and we specialise in keeping your website protected through our separate back up and security services.


Many people see the need to back up their computer but fail to do a daily backup of their website.

The need to back up your WordPress site cannot be overestimated. Website changes can be easily restored and in the event that you install themes or plugins that cause problems this can easily be reversed. A task not able to be achieved simply by uninstalling the theme or plugin as these make many database and file changes on install.

Also if your site is unfortunate enough to come under attack or pick up a virus then an up to date backup is essential in restoring your site to working order.  Coupled with our security service gives your site the best protection possible and will minimise any down time.


On any network having an up to date virus scanner or security protection is something you may recognise is essential but your website is on the world’s biggest network and requires regular scanning and security checks to keep it in tip top health.

Of course no security protection can guarantee 100% protection but taking with our back up service your site has the best possible chance of withstanding any attacks.